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I am trying to obtain a certificate and move it to a remote server. It is a report server which requires its own certificate for SSL but is not running IIS.

I have a server running IIS 6 so i created a fake website to create a csr, obtained a certificate from a 3rd party, then processed and installed the cert on the fake website. I want to then move the certificate to a remote server. when it asks for the server name and credentials i supply them, hit next, then get the error, 'class not registered'. any ideas?

Thanks -Ed

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Sorry, but what is asking for the server name and credentials? What format does the report server need the Key&Certificate in. PKCS#11, PEM bundle?

Since I am not sure what you are doing let me suggest this. Open up the MMC, and add the Certificates snap-in, and point it at the Computer Account on the IIS. Once you have that open, you should see and export the certificate in Personal folder.

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