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I currently port forward port 3389 on my router to the internal IP address of the machine I want to RDP to the most.

I really want to be able to RDP from external to many internal machines.

Can anyone suggest a list / range of ports I could use?

Thanks Paul

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There's 2 ways to do this easily

  • the first is to set up a terminal services gateway server - this will act as a proxy to the internal machines and let you connect to them via the gateway (recent versions of SBS have this as standard)

  • the second is to setup multiple external ports (can be anything) forwarding to the different machines on 3389. This should be possible but will depend on your firewall, for example:

    if is your external ip, and is your internal range,

    forward port 3389 -> port 3389

    forward port 3390 -> port 3389

    forward port 3391 -> port 3389

    then connect to each one through the normal rdp client as:

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Hey, thanks for your responce! I think TS Gateway sounds the way to go! – Paul Brown Feb 10 '11 at 10:10

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