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How can I change the output of just the domain name (including the trailing slash (/), of course)? I'd really like the URL to end at the domain name rather than having an ugly index.html there.

To further explain: Apache is returning the page just fine when the WWW-qualified URL is used (e.g., but when just domainname.tld ( is used, it just gives the "It Works!" message.

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What OS or Distro are you on? Is it an install from source or from a package? – Niall Donegan Feb 10 '11 at 10:35
running a fresh amazon ec2 ubuntu ami, Apache 2.2.17. I installed with zero options (even left PREFIX at default). It sounds like others have been helped by the advice others have given, but in my case: I can't find a welcome.conf (sudo find fails me!), OR an /etc/apache2 directory. – invaliduser Feb 10 '11 at 17:35

Either add an index file in the document root, or rename welcome.conf in the configuration directory to something that the configuration files won't pick up.

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I think you can control this from the config file


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