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I am using iperf to test my bandwidth. But I am not getting whether it is showing my upload or download speed. Say, I have two PCs A and B. If I want to test how fast I can download a file to A from B, where should I run the server i.e "iperf -s" ? on A or B ? Thanks in advance.

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Traffic way is from client to server.

From manpage:

To perform an iperf test the user must establish both a server (to discard traffic) and a client (to generate traffic)

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There's a great gui to Iperf that can be found at code.google.com/p/xjperf –  Florent Courtay Feb 10 '11 at 15:11

It's from to.

So if you run the listen daemon on B, and connect via A thats testing the TX performance from A to B, simply do it the other way around to test the connection back.

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