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on a HP Proliant ML 350 G4p are installed and configured 4 hard disk SATA in RAID 5 mode. Two of the four hard disk have green LED blinking irregullary, one off and another green LED ON without blinking.

I look for this behavior and I read on HP documentation this info (HP link)

[Online/activity LED (green)] On
[Fault/UID LED (amber/blue)] Off
[Interpretation] The drive is online, but it is not active currently.

I think only two disks are working and then RAID 5 configuration is not complete or do not works well; what is meaning of online respect active in this case?

What do you think about?

2011 02 11 Update:

The operating system is a Windows 2003 server. I use Hp Storage Tool to manage the hard disk of the server.
From HP storage tools I get these informations:
controller 1 (adaptec 2610SA)
Direct-attached devices

Port 0 - Optimal (232,89 Gb)
Port 1 - Optimal (232,89 Gb)
Port 2 - Hot Spare (232,89 Gb)
Port 3 - Optimal (232,89 Gb)

Logical drives (1):
disk - Optimal (465,66 GB)

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I have restarted the server and, suddnely, the 3 LED of hard drive of the RAID are blinking normally. At this point I suppose a problem in Adaptec SATA RAID controller. – maxim Feb 24 '11 at 15:20

You should have a configuration/management interface or CLI commands to configure and/or check the status of your RAID system, the arrays, logical volumes and the hard discs.

Could it be that the fourth disc is configured as a hot standby disc and that is the reason why it is off?

Which operating system are you running?

Can you access logical volumes on the RAID?

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