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This is kind of an odd question, but what is a good way to test the virus protection on my Exchange 2003 server? Sounds kind of odd, and I really don't want to infect anything accidentally if it doesn't work...

I am running McAfee Security Service for Exchange and I want to see what happens when it comes across a virus-infected message.

Maybe I should just wait until I get one to see what it does? ;)

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Use the Eicar test virus. Its fake, but will trigger anti-virus software.

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I don't know about exchange specifically, but you might try the Anti-Virus Test File.

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Use the EICAR virus test file. See .

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I don't know for sure if McAfee supports it, but there's a standard file called the EICAR file that is not a virus, but that almost every anti-virus vendor recognizes as a virus so that you can test AV deployments without actually infecting yourself. You can find the contents of the file and details on how to use it at

As for how to do the test, you can send it with a standard client as an attachment but you might run into local AV checks before you get to the server. I like to use something like swaks to send the file to avoid client AV issues

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McAfee support it - all reputable AV vendors support it. – RobM Feb 10 '11 at 18:50

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