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I have the wimic and fsutil output from a SQL server. How do I determine proper alignment?

I'm having trouble putting this into context. I have a decent understanding of disks, how can I understand the rest of the information here?

wmic and fsutil

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Server 2008 and R2 will automatically align partitions on 1MB. MS chose this number because it's quite uncommon at this time to have a stripe size that doesn't not work well with a 1MB offset (and nobody's missing the wasted 1MB these days)

For R0,1,1+0 this will be fine unless your stripe size is >1MB.
For R5 this will fine unless your stripe size * (disks -1) is > 1MB.

Allocation Unit should be an integer multiple of stripe size. (Allocation Unit and Cluster Size [in NTFS context only] are the same)

If you create multiple logical disks in the hardware raid adapter, watch that they are also aligned. Most controllers will do this automatically these days.

Specifically for you, Disks #0, #2, and #3 are not 1MB aligned, but the rest are. Also Disk #0 Partition #1 is alligned, but Partition #0 is not. These disks were probably initialized by a Server 2003 (or XP) or previous version of Windows. If your stripe size is 32KB, this will not be a problem (on disk #0; 64KB for disks #2 and #3).

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This should be what you are after:

To verify that an existing partition is aligned, divide the size of the stripe unit by the starting offset of the RAID disk group. Use the following syntax: ((Partition offset) * (Disk sector size)) / (Stripe unit size) Note Disk sector size and stripe unit size must be in bytes or in kilobytes (KB).

Example of alignment calculations in bytes for a 256-KB stripe unit size:
(63 * 512) / 262144 = 0.123046875
(64 * 512) / 262144 = 0.125
(128 * 512) / 262144 = 0.25
(256 * 512) / 262144 = 0.5
(512 * 512) / 262144 = 1
Example of alignment calculations in kilobytes for a 256-KB stripe unit size:
(63 * .5) / 256 = 0.123046875
(64 * .5) / 256 = 0.125
(128 * .5) / 256 = 0.25
(256 * .5) / 256 = 0.5
(512 * .5) / 256 = 1

These examples shows that the partition is not aligned correctly for a 256-KB stripe unit size until the partition is created by using an offset of 512 sectors (512 bytes per sector).

More info on the link including wmic commands

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