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Now i have some processes, e.g 2. named P1, P2. P1 and P2 will need to transmit data from NIC. Maybe we can take P1,P2 as two browser.

I have two questions: 1) I want to limit P1 max to 100KB/s, and P2 max to 200KB/s. How can I do for this? 2) I want to P1 use half of the NIC bandwidth, same to P2. They completely fair splitting bandwidth. How can I do for this? cgroup or tc?

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Yes you're right, cgroup + tc is the answer. You have a good example here : (look for "Networks, Too").

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I'm sorry to reply you so later. the example in your links can help me to solve the question 1. But can't solve question2. cgroup maybe can't fairly splitting bandwidth. – DaVid Feb 25 '11 at 3:55

The answer to question #2 may be the new net_prio subsystem. It lets you set network priorities per interface. See:

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