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Possible Duplicate:
Can you help me with my software licensing question?

I have ASP.NET web application using MSSQL express at the moment. But I want to use MSSQL 2008. But I'm NOT sure about what kind of license I should buy. I'm considering the Processor License according to this document. I'm not sure if it's the right choice.

If I buy User CAL. should I buy only 1 CAL for my web application? or for all visitors who visit my web site?

I also have a Windows desktop application that write/read data from the server. Do I need a seperate license with for this Windows application if I buy Processor License.

Thank you for suggestion.

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For a web-app, a per-processor license is by far the least ambiguous. It allows the maximum flexibility without worry of blowing over your CAL limit.

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SPLA. Go for SPLA and rent the softwar emonthly. A lot cheaper than puchasing. No CAL allowed - and, btwl, you would need one per visitor, not just one.

But then, normal licensing is not good for web apps, which is why there is SPLA (Service Provider Licensing Agreement).

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