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i have a pc with dual boot - "windows 7 and ubuntu 10.10". is it possible to run my windows 7 with virtual box or vmware workstation/player through my ubuntu login. thank you.

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Certainly not with VMWare Workstation/Server (which is what I'm assuming you meant, VMWare is a company not a product). Can't speak for VB though. You might be interested to know that Macs running VMWare Fusion can do just what you mention.

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VirtualBox wiki claims thay yes, you can actually run Windows 7 as a guest operating system. I didn't actually try it, the closest to this is running Windows XP as a guest under FreeBSD.

I'm not sure if you actually meant running your existing dual-booted installation of Win7 under Ubuntu - VirtualBox can't do that as far as I'm aware, but VMWare something-or-other might.

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