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I am not very familiar with CentOS and its specific permissions issues with httpd+php environment so that I got stuck with "failed to open stream: Permission denied" after installing website on production server.

I have directory layout like that

/usr/local/project ... /usr/local/project/../../public

/var/www/html -> /usr/local/project/../../public ^ symlink

Script tries to write to project's sub directory and gets permission denied error.

I have tried

1) set 744 permissions for this folder 2) set 777 for entire project's tree 3) set open_basedir to /usr/local/project in combination with previous permissions changing

Nothing helped.

What can cause permissions error?

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Check if you have SELinux enabled? If yes then disable it

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thx, it solved problem – duganets Feb 11 '11 at 13:33

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