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I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine which gets very high CPU and memory load in certain periods of the day. I need an application that creates a 24h log with the CPU and memory usage. I tried to configure PerfMon to 24 hours use but it has a limit of 1000 seconds.

Is there any free lightweight application that can do this?

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Rather than using PerfMon live, use a data collection set to save performance counter data to a file. This file can then be opened in PerfMon for viewing later (including selecting subsets of the collection counters and over shorter time intervals). PowerShell also has some cmdlets that will process the files.

If you select CSV as the file format, then the files can be opened in Excel and other tools for processing.

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1000 seconds? where do you get that from? Just use or create a new data collection set in perfmon, they can run for years and are ideal for this kind of thing.

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