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I created a kickstart file ks.cfg and then I have put that in the bootable disk*(Ubuntu 10.04)* and then added the following line to the isolinux.cfg linux ks=ks.cfg and have not removed any other lines from the isoconfig.cfg file and then while installing the installation is not automated,again it is asking for language and all.

If i removed include menu.cfg or any other line from isolinux.cfg i am getting a boot error.

What should i do now to automate the installation.Where should i add the boot parameters so that installation will start from the ks.cfg .

Thanks and Regards Ravi Kumar

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Where is your ks.cfg located ? You should define the "ks" parameter with a URL, like "ks="

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in my opinion your installation does not see the ks.cfg file. Maybe you should specify the absolute path: ks=/cdrom/ks.cfg or so. From here :ks=cdrom:/path/to/ks.cfg is the right syntax. Personally, I was disappointed with Ubuntu's kickstart implementation and went using preseed.

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Hi, I have given the absolute path,even then the installation is not automated..Its still happening in the normal way. – user70523 Feb 14 '11 at 11:23
You need to use the Alternate ISO, not the regular one. This might be the problem. Can you make sure you use the correct ISO? – grs Feb 19 '11 at 23:55

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