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I have 4 Winodws XP systems connected in a domain with Windows 2003 server. Domain name is "SoftGenIndia". We are using Star topology. I have checked all the cables and connections, all are OK. What happening is that when i try to open the computer on domain it takes long time to show the shares (around 2-3 mins).

Is there anything i am missing? Can anybody provide solution on this.

Thanks for sharing your valuable time.

Regards Mohammad Irfan

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First point to check is that all of the domain controller is set up as a DNS server and that all of the clients are configured to use only that as their DNS server. It should forward on their DNS requests if they need to access the internet.

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Check for ip configuration on clients

Check clients DNS and gateway

Test cable quality with pathping from client to DC.



If you get some packets loss, you have to recheck cable or jack.

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If you use static IP for your cline it's better that use DHCP instead of using static IP.

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Go on, I'll bite, how will this make things more than half a second quicker? – Chopper3 Feb 16 '11 at 14:22

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