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I'm trying to connect my Microsoft Project 2010 to a team foundation server in order to create a project connected to my server in order to edit tasks and so on...

Well, in the ribbon top bar, I click the Team Tab and then the Choose Team Project button...

It makes me choose the tfs instance and the project collection but when I submit my request clicking on Ok this error message appears:

TF82019: The mapping file contains unrecognized XML.

And the procedure is aborted. Can anybody tell me what to do? In Internet there is not much about this...

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Hard to say where you might be failing as there are a few setps that need to happen to get this all to work. I've only done it once. I used the documentation here:

Did you do all the command line stuff to map fields in PS to to fields in TFS? It sounds like something has gone afoul in the mappings?

Good luck!

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