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I am having issues automatically mounting a smb share on our osx 10.6 server so that _www has the permissions to read the presented files.

If I mount using the graphical auto-mount utility supplied in osx, the operating system does not allow access to the files as _www

I have been able to get around this by issuing:

sudo -u _www mount_smbfs //sambauser:password@<ip addr>/ShareName /tmp/my_mnt

But this obveously requires a superuser password to be entered, I could easily do this on a Linux box in fstab by putting //host/share /path/to/mount/point smbfs username=remotename,password=remotepass,uid=_www 0 0 in fstab but seeing as osx has all-but done away with fstab I am unable to do so.

Is there something obveous I'm missing here?



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This answer is stolen directly from

  1. Add a new line to /etc/auto_master

     /-     auto_smb
  2. Put this in /etc/auto_smb

     /path/to/mountpoint -fstype=smbfs ://user:password@server/share
  3. Create the mountpoint

     mkdir /path/to/mountpoint
     chmod 755 /path/to/mountpoint
  4. Restart

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Thanks Ben, this is much appreciated – MessedUpHare Feb 15 '11 at 10:31

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