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Been trying to get Jenkins to work with Crowd's OpenID server so we can use single sign-on like with our Atlassian stuff (the Jenkins Crowd plugin can't do SSO). Can't seem to find the proper OpenID URL to give Jenkins though. Only one I can get from CrowdID is a per-user URL. Is there a way to get a server-wide URL out of CrowdID for this that I'm missing?

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see also:

But I got with both crowd urls:

org.openid4java.consumer.ConsumerException: 0xa00: Authentication cannot continue: no discovery information provided.

The first that is like a valid endpoint is somewhat like but with that, I get the following message after login in CrowdID:

OpenID Verification Error
A request has been made to authenticate an OpenID identifier, different from the one you are logged in as. To use a different OpenID, log out and log in as a different user.

Will give Update if it is fixed here ;)

Update: Atlassian is currently not supporting such a single-Endpoint. Hudson/Jenkins OpenIdSSO won't work! The feature Request:

Update: This is fixed in Crowd 2.6, where the endpoint URL will end in /op, rather than /users/username.

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