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I need to run an application that would consume a lot of power on a laptop. Basically the app must be very power hungry. I know that running a real time games with heavy graphics would consume lot of power but I want a program like prime number generation program in c in ranges of 10^20. Can any one suggest any other such programs?

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Sure, feel free to ask. serverfault is not you regular forum though - it's actually better ;) . We don't care much about chronology or special circumstances and focus on excellent answers and questions. Welcome to serverfault! –  phihag Feb 15 '11 at 10:36

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To use the CPU, all the audio/video encoding operations are among the most CPU-expensive and, as the encoders tend to be optimised they shoud use the specific extentions (MMX, SSE ...) of the CPU and drain more power than a math-only program.

If you want to drain out the battery of a laptop, you should try to switch on wifi, bluetooth and plug usb powered devices (and try to use them all).

You should also try with games as they tend to use a lot the graphic card (which can be quite power hungry).

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