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How do I connect to my ftpserver from command line in just one command line.

For Example : ftp://hello.mydomain.com is my ftp server URL. I usually open a command prompt

Start -> Run -> cmd

and type ftp, which gives me the ftp prompt.

ftp> open hello.mydomain.com

It asks me the user id and password

username: me  
password: onlyme

And then I connect. However, I am trying to connect automatically without having the user id and password prompt?

something like

ftp>open hello.mydomain.com --username me --password onlyme

And it connects automatically without prompting the user ID and Password.

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Anyway, this guy shows exactly how to do it:

ftp -s:script.txt ftp.server.com

and the contents of script.txt could be:

cd /files
put file.zip

where the first 2 lines of the file specify the username and password used for authentication.

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As far as I can see, you can't do exaclty what you're asking. You can, however specify a list of commands in a seperate text file using the -s:filename argument.

Here's a list of command line arguments for the ftp utility:


Take a look at this article which describes how to automate tasks using the ftp util:


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Alternatively you could use a different FTP program. Filezilla Client works well for quick connects or you can save sessions with the username and password.

I believe there is also a command line interface if you didn't want to use the GUI.

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