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We have a RHEL 5.5 server in production with a few NameBasedVirtual hosts listening on port 80.

We have also have two (possibly mis-configured) SSL virtual hosts which use different Sockets as required by the Apache & the SSL protocol:

I am attempting to shibbolize only

After installing shibboleth 2.0 and configuring for a test identity provider, Shibboleth appears to be working on

Unfortunately, when i hit it also attempts to use shibboleth and throws an error.

Please note that and worked fine using this configuration until I installed shibboleth.

Is there some obvious place to enable or disable shibboleth on a per vhost basis?

Does anyone see any glaring mistakes in my virtual hosts, available here:

Or my shibboleth configuration:

EDIT 1: I'm thinking maybe I can specify whether to use Shibboleth or not using the AuthType derivative...still looking for documentation on this.

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From the apache configuration you've posted, it appears that you've ended up with shibboleth enabled globally rather than within the virtual host you want it to work in. I say "appears", since neither AuthType nor Require appear in the file you've posted, which implies to me that the authorization is set up globally under mods-enabled/shib.conf (or something similar). You'll need to move the authorization bits from that file to the <VirtualHost> directive you want Shibboleth enabled on (or a <Location> or <Directory> directive within that vhost).

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Yes...this. This makes sense. This is why I never ask questions on serverfault; It always ends up being something simple & makes me feel defeated. Irregardless - Thank you for solving – iainlbc Feb 16 '11 at 20:52

You need to use a certificate that is issued for both domains using subjectAltName. See also:

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This seems to apply to "Name Based Virtual Hosts" which is not what I am attempting to achieve. Both SSL Virtual hosts have their own socket (IP+Port) and function correctly when shibboleth is not installed. My problem is that when shibboleth is installed it's attempting to function on all SSL hosts and I need it only on 1 of the 2. – iainlbc Feb 16 '11 at 19:55

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