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I'm just getting started with using the Zend Framework and am following a recommended procedure where I am supposed to create an Apache Virtual Directory for the public-facing portion of a new Zend project. I don't THINK I had any issues creating the Virtual Directory, but my knowledge of the required DNS changes is rather lacking. The dev server I'm using is on a Microsoft Windows Active Directory domain, so I've added A records for both the server name and the subdomain. Still, trying to browse to the site from a Windows 7 PC isn't working properly. What am I missing? What's the proper set of steps for getting an Apache-served subdomain to appear properly in a peer computer's web browser? Details below:

  • server: Debian command-line only, freshly installed today with Zend Server CE LAMP stack
  • server name: ZENDEV
  • subdomain: SQUARE.ZENDEV
  • AD Domain functional level: 2008 mixed (run by a mishmash of 03 and 08 servers)
  • attempting to visit the sites: http://square.zendev and http://square.zendev.domain.local (name of domain redacted, but using the local (not com) suffix)

Apache Virtual Directory added to httpd.conf:

NameVirtualHost *:80
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot "/var/www/square/public"
ServerName square.localhost

Is this only a problem with DNS? Or with DNS and my Virtual Directory?

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Create a zendev zone in your AD DNS. Create an A record within that zone called "square" and point it at the IP address of your server.

In the apache config change ServerName square.localhost to ServerName square.zendev

This is all assuming that your computer resolves DNS via the Active Directory nameservers.

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Ah! I just figured it out right before you answered. (see my comment, below). Turns out I did properly by making the A records manually in ADDNS, but ruined the Apache declaration. Thanks very much!! – SnoConeGod Feb 16 '11 at 22:55

Apologies, after a little more fiddling around, I noticed my issue. It was leaving "square.localhost" as the ServerName in my Apache declaration...I should have used "square.zendev". Thanks anyway!

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