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Does anyone have any recommendations on study material (books, courses, sites, ect) for the new MCITP Enterprise Administrator tests? Its been a while since I've taken a MS exam and was just wondering what has helped others study.


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I have been working towards my MCITP Enterprise Administrator and have been using the MS training kit books followed by an Exam Cram book with Transcenders for practice testing. I have been successful on all my exams so far, 3 for 3.

Well done @Christopher. – joeqwerty Feb 17 '11 at 2:13

The official book does an excellent job of covering the material that's on the test.


I would recommend trying out the CBT nuggets videos or TrainSignal videos along with the MS training books.

I prefer the video + books because they provide a lab to follow along with. The downside of the video's are the lack of detail (and price). I have had success reading the pertaining chapter in the book and then watch the video, then follow along with my home lab.

I dislike the brain dump books because when you need to recall that information a year later, chances are you wont recall it. Again this is where the home labs really helped me, the hands on seems to stick with me.

I can highly recommend the CBT nuggets videos for CCNA, but I have not tried the MCITP ones yet. Both have sample videos to check out.

Check out Microsofts virtual labs, I haven't used them but they look promising. Microsoft Virtual Labs

This along with VMware will make it easy to try out server for labs


The exam cram practice tests work for me. To actually learn the material I use the MS books


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