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I installed postfix using >sudo yum install postfix postfix-mysql. I'm newbie to mail systems, but I have one AMAZON EC2 instance with a public DNS. I used the public DNS in most cases, when I configured the file The public DNS I have is from amazon and it is a long string(

// I configured this on I replaced with 
myhostname = 
mydomain = 
myorigin = $mydomain 
mydestination =, $transport_maps 
local_recipient_maps = $alias_maps $virtual_mailbox_maps 
home_mailbox = Maildir/ 

How do I test postfix? I just want it to send emails for my web application. I tried to test it with >telnet localhost 25 after I typed in SSH >sudo postfix start. but I recieve the message that telnet command can not be found. I also use the Amazon linux distribution if you want to know. I use it because it is free.

What have I done wrong? Are there anymore configurations required pls help!

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Try installing telnet with:

sudo yum install telnet

And then you can test it with telnet to port 25.

But note that sending emails from Amazon EC2 servers is not a great idea, as a lot of people have Amazon's entire IP range blacklisted in their spam filters.

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Hi Scott! Is it ok to use Amazon SES? I have done some minor research and figured out that they are cheapiest – einstein Feb 18 '11 at 4:50

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