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My upstart config looks something like this

start on filesystem
stop on runlevel S


exec /path/to/my/script

When this script dies and is respawned I would like to receive an email. Is this possible, or am I using the wrong tool for the job?


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You could write a post-start stanza to send e-mail(s).

# An Upstart script to manage the foo service

post-start script
    echo "my-foo service started at `date +"%F %T.%N"`" | mail -s "My-foo Service Started"
    echo "my-foo service started at `date +"%F %T"`" | mail -s "My-foo Service Started"
end script

exec -u foo-user /usr/local/bin/foo
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But that would be run at every start, right? I think the question is only after a respawn, as opposed to a normal start. – David Ammouial Jan 27 at 2:36

You could add a mail command inside your script or write a wrapper script that does that and then calls your script. Then you'd have Upstart use your wrapper script.

echo 'Script scriptname respawned' | mail -s "respawn notice"
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