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Hi How to zip a folder of 30 gb in Windows 2003 server

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I would recommend using winrar.

With this you can split the files into decent size chunks of 500MB/1GB each and also you can just store the data which will be much faster than compressing it, however you won't save on any file size.


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I actually still use 700MB chunks, because they fit nicely on a 4.2GB DVD anyway :-) Also, with (Win)RAR you can add recovery records: they work in a similar fashion to (Quick)PAR. – DutchUncle Feb 18 '11 at 18:29

I would use 7-Zip and use the 7z zip format as it is compressied less but has a smaller file size.

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In any recent Windows edition explorer supports zip files natively - just select the files/directories you want, right-click, and select "compressed (zipped) folder" from the "Send To" menu.

This always creates the archive in the current directory, which might be an issue if the area is on a filesystem with little free space or is readonly to your user. On XP and 2003 there is a 2Gb limit on the size of the archive file which might be a problem depending what your 30Gb of data is. 30Gb of web server log files would easily compress into less than 2Gb for instance, but a 30Gb database backup almost certainly wouldn't. Vista/2008/7 do not have this size limit, but be aware that large archives created on Vista/2008/7 this way are not compatible with the older software.

If the data does not compress to less than 2Gb or you need to compress to a different location then you'll need a 3rd party tool. I usually recommend the open source 7zip as suggested by Benny - it supports most common compression formats, compresses much better (though significantly slower) in its own format, supports large archives, supports creating the archive in any arbitrary location, and various other options.

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"30Gb database backup almost certainly wouldn't" - depends on the structure of your database. We've got an ollllld SQL database that uses char() everywhere (rather than varchar()) and it compresses brilliantly. A 15Gb data file zips up to about 120Mb. – Mark Henderson Feb 19 '11 at 6:07

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