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If I wanted a professional to like tweak my server where would I go about finding someone that does this? I have a web server that gets a lot of traffic and Im learning all about managing web servers, but before my traffic gets out of hand I want the server tweaked up. I already have some high load issues so I wanted to see if they could help with that. Then I would continue my learning on my own.

Thank You

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I'd recommend you start by learning as much as you can - then at least you'll be in a much stronger position to select candidates for the role. Steve Souder's book is an excellent place to start.

I'd also recommend you get hold of mysqltuner which monitors your DBMS and makes specific suggestions of how to improve performance.

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it's a little old but still relevant. This document really help me understand what the issues are.

you don't say what your application is or what you use case is , so it's hard to give you any firm advice. However think about separating static and dynamic content and using reverse proxies to share the load. may also help you server lots of content.

Your database server will need the same treatment.

I recommend you replicate you environment and setup on your own lan, thus you can try new configurations with out breaking you online web site.

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A great place to start, before sinking capital into professional services, is start with a mysql tuning script.

The one I regularly use is:

It will, at least, get your server to where it can be fine tuned.

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More specifically for sql index tuning.

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