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I have the following

location ~ "/foo/(.+)\.\w{3}$" {
  alias /srv/DM/pictures/store/$1;

That does exactly what I want, with one small exception. If there is a query keyword appended to the location I want it to not-match:

MATCH: http://foo/bar.jpg
NO: http://foo/bar.jpg?s_thumb
NO: http://foo/bar.jpg?large_thumb

Any ideas on how to go about accomplishing this?


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This is not possible as locations will only match against the URI without query parameters. You'll need to use an if inside the location along with

if ($is_args) {

This is the method that I finally got working. You can't simply place the alias inside of the if statement. But, you can use an internal redirect

server {


  location /_image {
    alias /srv/DM/pictures/store/;

  location / {


    if ( $args = '' ) {
      rewrite "/image/(.*)\.\w{3}$" /_image/$1 last;



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