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I'm looking for an Open Source HTTP Proxy Server for Windows Server 2008 supporting Active Directory based authentication.

Any ideas ?

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oops.. meant to answer rather than comment – rmalayter Feb 19 '11 at 20:41

SquidNT(Squid port to Windows). You can use mswin_ntlm_auth.exe to user Authentication on a Windows domain.

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Yes, but i'm looking for another alternative to SquidNT ... – Yoann. B Feb 19 '11 at 15:18

Apache on windows with mod_proxy and mod_authnz_ldap should fit the bill. Native builds for Windows (no cygwin nonsense) are distributed by ASF. Add in mod_disk_cache for performance imrpovements.

Note that users will still be prompted for a password (basic HTTP authentication), but it will authenticate against ACtive directory, so the same username and password will be used. If you want no sign-on prompts for the users (that is, using automatic NTLM authentication from IE rather than a basic authentication prompt), you will likely need mod_ntlm2, build for Windows. I've never done that, but I assume it is possible, since all of the other baseline Apache modules build natively for Windows.

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