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Win/7 Professional SQL Server 2008 R2 Express

Reporting Services Configuration Manager

When I launch it, shows correct Server Name, but report server instance is blank. When I press FIND I get:

"Unable to connect to the Report Server "

This is my development workstation, so no IIS installed. Seems to work fine on XP. SSMS works fine - no issues.

I tried uninstalling SQL Server completely, rebooting, reinstalling a fresh download. Same result. I've googled every article I can find - nothing.

Can anyone point me in the right direction in case you've come across this yourself? Thanks.

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I didn't download the correct edition. It has to be the one with advanced services under "other installation options". This also installs a copy of VS 2008 with the report project (BI) templates.

The problem is that the non-advanced version still installs the Reporting Services Configuration Manager, giving you the impression you have the right software, it just doesn't work and none of the error messages are obvious.

Link to Other Installation Options here.

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