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is there a way to add SLES 11 SDK repositories without having to download and burn the ISO ?

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Yes, you can add a repository that is from a remote source such as ftp or http.

Go into yast (enter yast at the command prompt) and then Software > Software Repositories

Use [Add] to add a new repository and you should see the various sources from there.

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…except that just adding the repo URL for SDK won't be enough, because it won't contain the opaque authentication token that's different for each repo that requires a valid SUSE subscription. – koniiiik Oct 5 '15 at 14:50

You can also download the ISO and mount it directly with "mount -o loop sdk1.iso" and then add it as a repository in YaST, saving the burn step. In the "Software->Software Repositories->Repository", click "Add" and there is a "Local ISO Image" selection.

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It is actually possible. I followed the steps at and it seems (at least for now) that the repositories are activated.

In my case, I wanted the SLE11SP3 version of the SDK, which matches the article; if you are interested in a different version, you might have to do a bit of guesswork to find the right RPMs for your release (assuming they're available at all).

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