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How do you change the date format settings on Windows Server 2008R2 for existing domain users, without recreating their local profile or manually setting the format by giving them temporary admin permissions?

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For future reference we didn't really find a suitable solution for this. In the end we elevated each account temporarily to admin, changed the settings, and then reverted back to a normal account.

Other possible solutions from around the web included

1) Deleting the profile of the user, in which the date/time settings are stored. This would probably work, but we didn't want them to lose their desktops etc. 2) Use the new feature in Server 2008 group policy to change regional settings. This option did not work for us at all. 3) Set the date/time settings properly upon setup.

Next time, we're probably going to go with option three...

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+1 for coming back and filling in the blanks. –  pablo Mar 4 '11 at 0:00
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