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My department is implementing an Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. I have done the testing and am quite comfortable with the 4 pieces, CC/SC, CLC, WS, NC. Looking at various documents below it appears the the Storage Controller and Cluster Controller (eucalyptus-sc and eucalyptus-cc) are always installed on the same system. My question is this: can I install the storage controller and the cluster controller on separate systems?

  1. the picture indicates that cc and sc are two different machines
  2. P.10 1st paragraph uses the word "machine(s)"
  3. P. 8 indicates the same separate architecture
  4. BUT... indicates below that the SC and CC are to be on the same system.

enter image description here

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yes I believe CC is separate from SC and both can be installed on separate machines. The installer as shown on on step-4 shows how CC and SC are completely separate roles

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I think you are right but the documentation all linked above never shows that kind of abstraction. Only way to know is to try it. – Jeremy Hajek Feb 23 '11 at 15:46

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