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I have recently installed tomcat on my Ubuntu.It running successfully by using url : http://localhost:8080/ in browser.

But I am not getting its auto deploy folder.I want to know about value of $CATALINA_HOME Kindly tell me if there is any command to know about root directory for tomcat.How I can know path in $CATALINA_HOME



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This belongs either on ServerFault or AskUbuntu – David Feb 21 '11 at 10:54

Ubuntu has a good wiki article describing usage of Apache Tomcat. If you are using the "system-wide installation" option you might find the webapps folder at either /var/lib/tomcat6 or /usr/share/tomcat6 IIRC.

If you are using Tomcat as development container, it might be more practical to use non-privileged instances as described in section "Using private instances" (in the wiki article) or simply download and unzip a binary distribution from in a custom directory and use that one instead.

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