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The target machine has XP (SP2) installed, and the goal is to install Ubuntu 9.04 as a dual-boot. Ten years ago, this would require preparing the disk with something like Partition Magic, but I think there has been progress. Am I likely to need anything besides the Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop CD?

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Go get the latest ISO from (unless you have a need for more than 4Gb mem, get the 32-bit version), unpack it onto a memory stick then install away (well reboot your PC!) - just make sure there's enough space for your Ubuntu installation.

One of the early parts of the setup process is a "Partition Magic"-dual-boot-builder-on-steroids interface.... Makes a mockery of how we used to do this in the 'old days'!!

Good luck.


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The Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop CD is enough.

Check WindowsDualBoot

section: Resizing Partitions Using the Ubuntu Installer

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I would look into the WUBI install as well. It's a simple way to get Ubuntu on your machine and if you want to uninstall you can do so by simply going into Add/Remove programs.

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Just to put my two cents in... If you have the ability to use 64-bit version, go ahead and do it. Not having the added memory will of course not get you all of the extended functionality/performance, but those programs that are made to take advantage of a 64-bit processor will run faster than in a 32-bit OS.

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