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Untangle currently block few mails as spam. In these case some of my important mails are also included. I would like to know any way to send a notification to sender regarding this spam block.

Thanks for the great help

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How do you propose that the system would be able to tell the difference between real spam and false positives? I certainly hope you don't want to send a notification back to the sender of every single spam message you receive. –  EEAA Feb 22 '11 at 4:35

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From the Untangle Wiki: http://wiki.untangle.com/index.php/Quarantine#About_Quarantine

About Quarantine

The Untangle Server has the ability to store emails suspected of containing unwanted content. This repository, a Quarantine, can then be reviewed to ensure no emails were mistakenly labeled as unwanted (sometimes called a false positive). The decision to quarantine emails is made by each Software Product (for example, Spam Blocker). There are two different types of users that have access to the Quarantine:

End user: Person within the protected network who receives email. End users interact with the Quarantine using a web interface. End users can purge/release their own emails through a web interface, but cannot launch the Untangle Server's administrative interface.

Administrator: Person with administrative privileges. The administrator uses the Untangle Server's administrative interface, Untangle Client, to control quarantined emails for many users.

The Quarantine stores emails that the Untangle Server suspects contain unwanted content (for example, Spam or phishing). This storage is done on a per-email address basis. For example, if escott@yourcompany.com receives three Spam emails in a day, those three emails are quarantined for escott. The collection of emails for a given address resides in an inbox.

If you specify that users receive a Quarantine Daily Digest, the Untangle Server emails users daily reports that contain a browser link to the their specific Quarantine inbox. The daily digest emails are delivered in HTML format, such that they contain links to a web server. The web server is housed within the Untangle Server. From the Quarantine, users can manage their quarantined email. End users can release emails, causing them to be sent to their email clients, or delete them. In this way, the Quarantine Daily Digest emails enable end-users to maintain their inboxes.

You may also disable sending of Quarantine emails. If you elect to do this, users will not have the option to manage their quarantine. If you receive a huge volume of spam, you may need to modify the Maximum Holding Time if disk space is an issue for you.

Some users will choose not to act on (ignore) their digest emails. If a user ignores their inbox for many days (and receives many spams), their inbox will grow. This is not a concern, as the Untangle Server automatically deletes emails after a fixed period of time. This time period is configurable, as discussed in Setting Time Period To Automatically Delete Quarantined Email.

This option exist for both the "Spam Blocker" and "Spam Blocker Lite" apps, as well as others.

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