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In a enterprise network, what would be the right way to generate a list of switches (SNMP managed)

Is it reasonable to ask the organization to supply a list such as this:

  • Switch name
  • IP Address of switch
  • Location
  • SNMP community strings

Or are there standard ways to run discovery scans - UDP broadcasts?

After having generated a repository such as the above; given a single switch, how to query it for the list of all devices attached to it?

Finally, how to selectively power down/power up ports? (remotely - using SNMP)

Platform is going to be .NET based (C#) and the library being used is SharpSNMP

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There are some network topology discovery algorithms those you can follow. Following is one of them which is used for generating Network Topology. I have used it and it generates results with almost 75% accuracy.


Hope this help.

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