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I would like to use a mac mini with the following configuration as a buildboot for compiling our application:

Intel Core Duo 2 2.44Ghz Hard disk 320 GB Ram 4GB

The application is targeted to work on Mackbook Pro i5 and correctly compiles on that machine. It is written in python and uses the Qt Framework. I'm not an expert and we never tested the application on such a machine, therefore I would like to ask if there is any known compatibility issue between macbooks and mac mini.

Would it be instead a Macbook 13" with instel core 2 a feasible alternative.

I would also to install a virtual machines to build the same application also for windows and linux. Do you see any problem also on this side?

Sorry for the generic question. But I'm new in the field. Best

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It's fine, everything that runs on one Mac runs on others as well (with the possible exception of graphic features that requires a more powerful graphics adapter).

Using a VM will also work fine on that system, but it might a bit short on RAM with 4GB.

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