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We have a couple of laptops which use offline files to sync the user's 'my Documents' on the server to his offline files on the laptop.

We've been seeing some differences between the online and offline state of these folders. Mainly files that are present online, but not offline, and which do not appear after syncing.

What seems to work correctly:

  • Files added to the offline folder show up online after syncing
  • Files added to the online folder show up offline after syncing
  • Files Deleted from the online folder disappear from the offline folder

What doesn't work (And doesn't get fixed after syncing):

  • Files removed offline don't disappear online, but remain deleted from offline folder.

Is this intended behavior?

Is there a way to prevent this from happening, of at least get the folders to match again?

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You may have a corrupt cache, check out the 'windows server resource kit' or do some research on 'csccmd.exe'.

But it might be the easiest to: check your backup is good, delete the laptop cache (turn off offline mode, find the CSC cache and 'nuke it' - or maybe move it :-) ), and then recreate it (with the server-side files as the master copy).

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