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I'm confused on how I should set up SPF records for my multiple domains. Here is my configuration:

the setup is:
(a) points to server1
(b) points to server2
(c) is a vhost in server1
(d) is a vhost in server1
(e) and so on..

I want the SPF record to be set up so that,, are authorized to send emails using I'm confused on wether to put the SPF record on each domain, or on the main server only.

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You're thinking of this backwards. What you want is to allow to send mail on behalf of and The SPF records go on each of those domains, not on They would look something like

v=spf1 -all

Where any IP not matching the A record of would not be allowed to send mail (-all is a hard fail, ~all is a soft fail). Keep in mind SPF records are not necessarily enforced by recipient MTAs, it's optional

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See this page:

Every domain have an SPF record, and in this record you can specify what is the allowed mail server for sending mail.

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Specify the A record for like this:

v=spf1 -all

Put that record as the txt record for all 3 domains

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