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I want to create an ebs volume (Amazon EC2 cloud computing) to store my lucene index.

What is the best file system to use (when using the command mkfs -t ?) ? I know xfs is often used for mysql but is it the case for lucene index ?


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Here is a comparison of Various Linux filesystems (ext4,btrfs,nilfs2,xfs).

Phoronix Comparison of FileSystems

Since you require fast reads on the Index

NILFS2 has better random read performance

EXT3 has better multi threaded read performance

EXT4 has better overall performance.

I would say , you should choose between these three.

ps: Surprisingly BTRFS beats XFS in SQL CRUD performance.

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I use EXT3 ;) Thanks for help – Jerome C. Apr 19 '11 at 9:24

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