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I have an IIS 7 application that uses a domain login. (basic settings, connect as)

The application would log in as the server name at first until I set the application in it's own application pool.

Now the application gets the read data from a gridview but when I attempt to get the detailsview with edit permission it fails.

I had the database set to accept the machine as a read/write (and this worked) but I can't use this solution being the application could move to a different machine and I want it to use a specific set of credentials.

Any idea how to solve this?

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I had to set the account of the application pool to my user

in the above tutorial there is a section: Configuring IIS Application Pool Identities

just set it to 'custom account' instead of a default user.

Now I can use ssip access from the machine to my db for read/write

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