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I installed Virtualmin GPL with BIND, etc. I created a virtual host for my main domain, and edited the zone file, added the A records for the nameservers and All looks good from the VPS, whenever I do a dig or nslookup, all seems fine, returning correct details.

But when I test externally, there are no results. I tried several sites such as intodns, etc. It says my nameservers doesn't point to any IP. I have registered my nameservers with the appropriate IP in my registrar, and I even contacted support to verify this, and they told me that the registration was successful, but when they dig my nameservers, there's no ip address.

I can also connect to my server IP's port 53. Also, I know that the DNS propagation is 24-48 hours. But there has to be some server that can return the correct results by now.

Please lead me to the right direction, thanks.

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Can you look the zone files? Do you have the ns records? They usually go after the SOA and before the MX.

Take a look at the sample zone file bellow and compare with yours to see if something is missing:

$TTL    86400 ; 24 hours could have been written as 24h or 1d
@  1D  IN    SOA (
                  2002022401 ; serial
                  3H ; refresh
                  15 ; retry
                  1w ; expire
                  3h ; minimum
       IN  NS ; in the domain
       IN  NS ; external to domain
       IN  MX  10 ; external mail provider
; server host definitions
ns1    IN  A  ;name server definition     
www    IN  A  ;web server definition
ftp    IN  CNAME  ;ftp server definition
; non server domain hosts
bill   IN  A
fred   IN  A
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Oh, for some reason, virtualmin placed the NS records at the middle of A records. I placed it after SOA, and before any other records. Thanks. – Ruel Feb 23 '11 at 22:56
@ruel I am not sure if the order matters, but tell me later if it works. – coredump Feb 23 '11 at 23:01
Nope, didn't work :< – Ruel Feb 24 '11 at 4:19
@ruel post the results of dig <domain> and dig @<dns server> domain, use another dns server for this last test, like your ISP or something. – coredump Feb 24 '11 at 4:39

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