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Most attributes in MSAD are single-valued and pose no problem. I am familiar with the dsquery user -samid jdoe | dsmod -webpg "http://some.url/" method. However, some attributes are multi-valued, such as telephone number and webpage. These values can be managed through the Active Directory Users & Computers Microsoft Console (dsa.msc) via the dialogue shown by clicking on the "Other..." button, but I'd really rather script the modifications. It seems to me that dsmod & dsget do not support multi-value retrieval and editing; only the first value of the set seems to be accesible. Am I correct? If I am not correct, I would appreciate a syntax example. If I am correct, would you please recommend an alternative scriptable tool that can handle multi-value attributes? The more "official and supported" the tool, the better.

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First, -webpg isn't the multivalued list of web pages. Using the webpage other button in the GUI, that list of websites is call url. To query it:

dsquery * "<full dn>" -l  -attr url

However dsmod doesn't have a way to modify it. PowerGUI may work, I use admod.

admod -safety 1 -b "full DN" "url:+:test3"

Then, I can do the query again and see the new value:

dsquery * "<full dn>" -l  -attr url

You can browse the full schema to find the LDAP name of other values.

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Thanks, you hit all my main points, and corrected me on distinction between webpg and url attributes. I regret to hear that MS does not have a suitable "official" option, but it looks like the extant third party stuff will be good tools and have good reputations. – Justin Feb 25 '11 at 0:17

Have you taken a look at PowerGUI? It's a good at making mass changes to AD since it manipulates powershell under the hood.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I'd never heard of PowerGUI, havent' quite yet dipped into PowerShell. We're overdue for that, I suppose. We already use Quest's TOAD product and have been happy with that, and I see that PowerGUI is also a Quest product, so now I'm really intrigued. – Justin Feb 25 '11 at 0:19

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