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I do not have any idea about generating self signed SSL Certificate for apache on window vista, but I have to do that. So, can anybody help me? I want some link or some proper guide which can help me for generating self signed SSL Certificate for apache on window vista and how I can configure this generated self signed SSL Certificate in virtual hosts.

please reply me as soon as possible.

thank you.

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you may give Cygwin a try. Install it on your Vista machine, add the openssl package during the setup. To generate your CSR: Cygwin with OpenSSL for CSR generation. Then issue the CSR at to get your SSL certificate (you need to create an account there, but it is worth it imho). In opposite to the traditional self-signed certificate, you'll get a SSL certificate that's signed by a public authority for free.


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You can use the openssl windows binary to generate/sign certificates.

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