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Theres so much junk in the "All Programs" section of Windows these days. I'm trying to customise it so that it just shows a restricted list of relevant apps to the users. I'm using Server 2003 and Win 7 clients. I'm managed to remove everything using

User Configuration / Policies / Administrative Templates / Start Menu and Taskbar / Remove All Programs List from the start menu

I've then tried to add the shortcust back in using:

Preferences / Windows Settings / Shortcuts / Shortcut (Path: %StartMenuDir%\

However this hasn't worked and the start menu is blank, whats the best way to go about customising the programs in the start menu?

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When you say "junk" is that just your opinion or do you have a mandate to "clean up" the start menu. – joeqwerty Feb 24 '11 at 19:21
Thats mostly my opinion. Stuff like "Windows Live Mail" and "Windows Live Messenger" doesn't need to be there for our purposes. – Alex Feb 25 '11 at 10:16 is a live saver sometimes when looking for GPO options.

I used the following search term "start menu\programs"

I think a combination of these might help you out:

Remove common program groups from Start Menu Remove Default Programs link from the Start menu. Remove Documents icon from Start Menu Remove Downloads link from Start Menu Remove Drag-and-drop context menus on the Start Menu Remove Favorites menu from Start Menu

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