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What does "invalid procedure call" mean in IIS 7 with asp application and how to fix it?

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"Classic" asp, not, right? – splattne Jun 11 '09 at 12:11
Yep, that's right! ;-) – Sander Versluys Jun 12 '09 at 7:51
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Look at this article which explains some possible reasons:

Why do I get 'Invalid procedure call or argument'?

This often happens because you used a VBScript "friendly name" constant in place of its integer equivalent. Visual Basic understands these friendly names, such as FileSystemObject's 'forAppending' and 'forWriting' constants.


Another possible cause is trying to use a string operation (like Mid(), InStr(), Left() or Right()) on a NULL value.


Another possibility is that you are coming over from JavaScript, or otherwise think that string lengths are 0-based.


Still one more possibility is that you have unexpected characters in an FSO writeline call.

This Microsoft Support article could also be helpful:

"Invalid Procedure Call" Error Message or Access Violation When You Try to Assign User-Defined Type to Variant

When you assign a user-defined type to a Variant in a multithreaded environment (for example, in Microsoft COM+ or in Microsoft Internet Information Server [IIS]), you may receive an "Invalid Procedure Call" error message or an access violation (0xC0000005) in MSVBVM60.dll.

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