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I thought I would play with FAST server this evening, and I think I might be going a bit crazy here.

I have an instance of SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise, and I can create FAST search sites.

In addition, my SQL Server instance has all the FAST_Query and FAST_Search databases set up.

Furthermore, the FAST search seems to be crawling correctly.

However when I try and search, I get an error from the search screen that says "The Search Request was unable to connect to the search service".

I have googled this hard, but all guidance on the internet seems to be around installing / configuring / trouble shooting the FAST Search Server for SharePoint. (Which is a separate install )

So my questions are:

A) Do I have a valid FAST Search Application already, or do I need to install FAST server separately?

B) If I do have a valid FAST Application, where can I find any documentation on the 'SharePoint enterprise" version?

Thanks in advance! Andrew

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FAST is a separate product, and quite a heavyweight one too. It needs to be downloaded, installed and configured separately before you even think about the Sharepoint 2010 features - all you're enabling there is a service app and site collection that act as "place-holders", for want of a better word, inside sharepoint that FAST plugs into.

As for documentation, the stuff on technet is quite good:

Microsoft install steps for FAST for SP2010

Microsoft's general guide to deploying FAST (as you can see, quite a complex subject)

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