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when "Services" opens, it's in Extended View.

I prefer Standard view.

I also prefer this column layout:

    Status  | Startup Type  |  Log On As  | Name | Description  

because when I expand all columns via Ctrl+(numeric keypad) +
what I need to see most I can view without being forced to scroll
to the right.

Problem: my preferred layout does not persist.

QUESTION: how can I force Windows (2008 R2, 7, XP, et cetera) to remmember my settings?

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The answer for XP and 2003 is here:

I can't, however, seem to get that working with Win7 / 2k8 server. Must be a wrinkle I haven't stumbled over yet.

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still does not work with my win7 but it does work with win8.1; perhaps it has skipped a generation. B-( – gerryLowry Feb 3 '15 at 1:23

On Win7 a partial solution is to use the technique mentioned by Chris_K. And then use File > Save As and save it as a new .msc file. It won't integrate with Windows but can be used from command line / Win+R prompt.

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