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I'm building our local server and want to use virtual machines but it seems VMware ESXi is not compatible with our hardware:

  • Server: Dell SC 1424
  • CPU : 2 Xeon 3.2G (buss 800, cache L2 2M)
  • Ram: 6G DDR ECC 266
  • Hard disk: 2 Hitachi Sata 1TB. Raid Dell Cerc 2s ( raid 0, 1)
  • Nic: 2 Broadcom 1Gb/s

Does anyone have any suggestions about compatible virtualization software for our server? I wanted to use the server for various purposes like web hosting, subversion and to test different server OSs.
Thank you for your help.

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I was able to install ESXi 3.5 on an SC1425 running from a USB key. You will not be able to run anything higher than that due to increased hardware constraints in ESXi 4+

Also, an important thing to note with those Xeons: They do not have the VT flag, which means you will NOT be able to run x64 VMs.

..and of course, no one will ever support this running in a production environment.

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You're right this server isn't on the VMware hardware compatibility list. If you have something else that is on the list you can use that but your best bet is VMware Server (also free). It runs on top of Windows or Linux and can use any platform. I would recommend that you look at getting more RAM for that server because it's VERY easy to use 6GB of RAM with just one or two VMs.

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With such a small amount of memory I would recommend OpenVZ

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