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I am looking to develop a solution that eliminates potential spammers. The way this system will work is that it will watch connections and requests. Going into the specifics is more for stackoverflow, But, what I am interested in is if it is possible to tell Apache to pass the request over to my application first and give it the ability to accept/deny the request. Sure, it will make requests slower, but I think that is a trade off I am willing to take. I still want, however, Apache to run the request through any interpreters (such as PHP).

The idea is that one wouldn't have to implement anti-spam measures on a per app basis but have an "umbrella" of spam protection.

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This already exists. Look into mod_security for something with some form behind it or alternatively mod_perl if you want to homebrew the whole thing - mod_perl has access/visibility into nearly the entire apache request/response process.

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